Ape Unit is a tech hub—a multidisciplinary and inclusive network of creators, strategists, developers and designers based in Berlin. Our work is filled with curiosity. We like to identify opportunities, to excite and to embrace that feeling of wonder which sparks action.

We consist of a carefully selected number of subprojects: working side by side with disruptive blockchain innovators, established owner-managed companies and global corporations.

Our mission is to coordinate, create, visualize and accelerate—to improve services and businesses while finding new ways in which we engage with technology and others. Yet we intentionally prefer to work for an exclusive circle of clients and collaborators to whom we are determined to cultivate long-term relationships.

Our reputation is built by our hands-on approach, always aiming for excellence. Keeping our promises to each other, our partners, clients and users, the route to knowing us lies in our Manifesto.

If you have been a part of our journey so far, we want to thank you. If we haven’t met yet, we’d love to hear from you.

1We are eager for new challenges. We create digital innovation. 2We are cool-headed and build depth. We interact with a cause intensely. 3We are emotive and passionate. We are excited to excite. 4We are team players. We bank on sustainable, long-term partnerships. 5We are commited to enormous impacts. We create powerful, conclusive results.

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