Ape Unit

We’re always eager to know what will be instead of what is.
We are 32 designers, developers, and strategists from diverse backgrounds. Our dynamic Units adapt to each project and redefine themselves over time while exploring multiple fields:

A design and development studio transforming how organizations work and communicate: Unit ➃
Building websites, tools and applications. Hyper-collaborative to put quality first. Show don’t tell. Open-file culture. What does branding mean in the digital age? Transform: ideas become tools and services. Deliver on-time and trust the process. Based in Berlin. Read more here

Decentralization and emerging technologies advancing the public good: Unit ➇
Design and development. Decentralized use cases. Making complex systems easy to use. What if everyone could enjoy the power of blockchain? Enriching developer experience + advancing developer adoption of emerging technologies. Turning ideas into new ventures. Inter-cultural team. Asking: how can decentralization be more impactful? Read more here

Stories and insights from our work. Updates on our research. Missions behind our ventures.
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