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We build teams to explore the new.

Always eager to know what will be instead of what is. For us, the digital sphere is the jungle of the 21st century— the ever increasing unknown. Since 2010 we are on a journey full of discoveries. Our founding-based approach originates from this craving. Each specialized company, we are invested in, is led by a team of highly ambitious entrepreneurs with a clear set of goals.


A design-driven tech studio with a feel-good philosophy. Building digital brands and products for companies that reinvent themselves.


A web3 development studio that unifies tech, design, and strategy to drive future-positive change.


For a future on a thriving planet Atem is a venture that speeds up the transition towards a carbon negative economy.

Unit A

African-European alliance for front-end development and AI applications, driving regenerative impact through education.


A token-based peer-to-peer learning network for quality educational interactions. Dacade makes learning multiplayer.